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High Speed Flawless Production | Fason laser cutting and bending processes

  • 6000 m2 closed area
    6000 m2 closed area
  • To shape to sheet materials are our main job
    To shape to sheet materials are our main job
  • Developed tekchnologic machine hall
    Developed tekchnologic machine hall

Two-dimensional (2D) laser cutting

Computer-controlled systems that use special gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium to generate a laser beam that is then moved along the X and Y axes to perform operations such as drilling, cutting and marking are referred to generally as two-dimensional laser cutting processes.


Three-dimensional (3D) laser cutting

3D laser cutting is mainly used for solving automotive industry requirements, machining pressed car parts, high-precision welding, and cutting and welding tubes and profiles. In addition, 5-axis laser cutting can be used to process small batches of formed sheet metal parts as well as prototype parts, without the need for mould production. With our CNC TRUMPF TLC 1005 4 KW and CNC TRUMPF TruLaserCell 7040 5 KW 3D machines, we are able to carry out precise cutting and welding work within a working range of 4000 mm (X-axis) x 1250 mm (Y-axis) x 750 mm (Z-axis) on ST sheets of up to 15 mm thickness, stainless steel sheets up to 8 mm thickness, and aluminium sheets up to 6 mm thickness.



Bending refers to a process in which metal parts of different types and thicknesses are bent in computer-controlled machines. In industrial manufacturing today, the development of computer-controlled techniques has made production much faster and cheaper compared to the time and cost of earlier production processes. Large-format sheet metal parts can be processed on bending benches, with the computer-controlled process calculating to the millimetre to ensure defect-free production in the shortest possible time. Form Laser Mak. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has Trumpf TruBend and Butech Bubend bending machines that can process metal parts up to 4000 mm long and up to 12 mm thick with a press force of 65 to 320 tonnes.



Punching machines enable us to process a diverse range of parts. Among other things, they offer the possibility of forming sheet metal parts or cutting threads on the same machine in addition to punching. This results in a cost advantage for complex systems by reducing machining time and increasing productivity



In addition to laser cutting, bending, punching and profile cutting, our welding workshop is able to carry out all types of welding work in-house for our customers thanks to our MAG/MIG gas-shielded and spot welding machines and an experienced team.



In the process of powder painting or powder coating of metallic workpieces, metal surfaces and coating powder are electrostatically charged in a magnetic field. The powder applied is then baked into the surfaces at a high temperature of 180-200 degrees. In this way, the paint powder and metal interact to create a highly durable painted surface.