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High Speed Flawless Production | Fason laser cutting and bending processes

Three-dimensional (3D) laser cutting

3D laser cutting is mainly used for solving automotive industry requirements, machining pressed car parts, high-precision welding, and cutting and welding tubes and profiles. In addition, 5-axis laser cutting can be used to process small batches of formed sheet metal parts as well as prototype parts, without the need for mould production.


With our CNC TRUMPF TLC 1005 4 KW and CNC TRUMPF TruLaserCell 7040 5 KW 3D machines, we are able to carry out precise cutting and welding work within a working range of 4000 mm (X-axis) x 1250 mm (Y-axis) x 750 mm (Z-axis) on


ST sheets of up to 15 mm thickness,


stainless steel sheets up to 8 mm thickness,


and aluminium sheets up to 6 mm thickness.